The following symptoms are associated with diabetes. They reflect higher-than-normal blood glucose (sugar) levels (hyperglycemia).They may or may not be present when a diagnosis of diabetes is made and they may also occur when a person’s diabetes is not well controlled and there is hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).

  • fatigue, drowsiness
  • an increase in the volume and frequency of urination
  • intense thirst
  • excessive hunger
  • unexplained weight loss
  • blurred vision
  • slow healing
  • genital and bladder infections
  • tingling in the fingers or feet
  • irritability

If any or several of these symptoms occur, consult your physician. If the symptoms are severe, get yourself to the hospital.

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes can appear progressively or suddenly. Diabetes doesn’t always present the same way, with the same intensity or with all these symptoms.

The symptoms of prediabetes  are usually absent. When present, they may be similar to those of a person with diabetes.