An easy way to show how important Diabetes Québec’s mission is to you is to make your birthday a donation opportunity. Let your loved ones know that instead of gifts, flowers or other birthday spending, you would prefer they donate to our organization, which serves the 1.2 million Quebecers living with diabetes.

Since 2017, Facebook’s fundraising platform has enabled you to turn your birthday into a fundraiser for the causes dearest to your heart. Facebook provides an exhaustive list of organizations around the world from which to choose. In fact, more than 750,000 organizations are listed and, of course, Diabetes Québec is among them!

You should also know that the non-profit organizations that take advantage of Facebook’s fundraising platform pay no fees. This means that 100% of the donations collected by a birthday fundraiser go directly to the organization.

When you turn your birthday into an opportunity to donate to Diabetes Québec, not only are you demonstrating your generosity, but you are also promoting our organization and its mission to your network of friends and acquaintances. All of this is greatly appreciated!