Diabetes Québec has always played a leading role in educating people with diabetes. Its Diabétaide Educational Service has been operating since 1979.

Our staff of nurses and dietitians, assisted by other healthcare professionals, provides diabetes information tailored to your specific needs.

If you are a person with diabetes or a family member:

  • Programs customized to your needs will help you learn more about diabetes and the best way to control it
  • You will learn how to modify your diet
  • You will get tips to help you take better care of your health

If you are a healthcare professional and want to learn more about diabetes:

  • Courses have been developed specifically for dietitians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare specialists
  • You will get the most up-to-date information on diet and healthcare, based on leading-edge research
  • The Professional Council of Diabetes Québec (CPDQ) organizes a scientific conference to inform health care professionals specialized in diabetes about the latest advances and help them improve their practices

Providing services

Controlling diabetes is complex. People suffering from diabetes need to make major changes to their lifestyle. They need information, high-quality care and support to help them live a long, active life.


  • Quarterly publication of Plein Soleil, a wealth of information on diabetes and the activities of Diabetes Québec, for French-speaking members
  • Brochures, leaflets, books, newsletters and videos on everything related to diabetes
  • A Web site at www.diabete.qc.ca
  • Public lectures


  • Financial assistance to summer camps for diabetic youth
  • Sponsorship of activities related to diabetes

InfoDiabetes hotline:

The toll-free InfoDiabetes hotline answers questions about diabetes and refers callers to the person or organization that can help them the fastest.

Funding Research

The way to beat diabetes is through better prevention and scientific discoveries leading to a cure. Research is the primary way to reach this goal.

Every year, Diabetes Québec provides research grants to assist in the worldwide search for a diabetes cure.

Since the future of research in Québec depends on the skills developed by students in science, medicine, psychology, pharmacy and physical education, we offer start-up grants and funding for summer internships for students working under the supervision of experienced researchers.

We also provide funding to researchers for the start up or long-term financing of their research.

We contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the following fields:

  • The nature of diabetes
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Diabetes screening
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Weight control
  • Exercise programs specifically designed for people with diabetes
  • Transplantation of insulin-producing cells.

Defending rights

Promoting the cause of people with diabetes to government, health services and companies has always been a priority of Diabetes Québec.

Some of our activities:

  • Appearing before parliamentary commissions to support the public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan giving all Quebecers access to medications at a reasonable price
  • Lobbying for the establishment of a network of Diabétaide Centres throughout the province so that people with diabetes, no matter where they live, can learn about diabetes and how to control it
  • Making the Québec Health Insurance Board (RAMQ) and the Québec Automobile Insurance Society (SAAQ) aware of the advances in modern treatments, which impact on driver’s licences and on the use of insulin pumps
  • Supporting the introduction of new drugs that improve treatment and reduce complications
  • Fighting discrimination against people with diabetes in the workplace

Diabetes Québec is a key contributor to the Diabetes Council of Canada and the International Diabetes Federation.