Diabetes in the Daycare Setting

Good communication among the people caring for a diabetic child is still the key to successfully involving the care community in proper diabetes management.

Starting daycare is an important stage that is often feared by parents. Parents of diabetic children find it even more stressful. How will their child be received in a daycare setting? Will the daycare workers be able to adjust to the demands of diabetes treatment?

Involvement of workers in diabetes treatment

A preschool child cannot take responsibility for his diabetes treatment. Its management requires the agreement of the educators who will provide the daily care required in loco parentis. Agreement to get involved in the treatment of a diabetic child should be voluntary.

A clear protocol that will serve as a reference document for educators should be a cooperative endeavor between parents, the child’s health care team and daycare team.

For a successful adjustment to daycare

Responsibility lies with the parents to share their knowledge of, and teach educators about, the technical aspects of diabetes treatment. The child’s health care team could also get involved at this stage. It is important to schedule a meeting with daycare management and the educators involved so that parents can explain what diabetes is, how it is treated and their child’s care plan. Some parents stay with their child during the first few days at daycare, or turn up at mealtime. This can be reassuring for everyone – parents, child and educators alike.

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Research and adaptation: Diabetes Québec Team of Health Care Professionals

Reference: Geoffroy, L. and Gonthier, M. (2012), “À la garderie,” Le diabète chez l’enfant et l’adolescent, 2nd edition, Montréal, Éditions du CHU Ste-Justine, pp. 575-580.

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