Watch the new video courses presented by Universi-D

For people living with diabetes

Universi-D, Diabetes Québec’s diabetes school, now offers video courses available for free on their YouTube channel.

Diabetes 101 What is diabetes? This video course will help you understand the way diabetes works and will allow you to differentiate the most common forms of diabetes. Also learn about the symptoms, the causes, risk factors and management components of diabetes. The information provided will help you manage your diabetes on a daily basis.

Eating for People with Diabetes – This video course will help you become more familiar with the basic principles of a healthy and balanced diet. Discover in which foods you can find different nutrients and learn how to properly manage your carbohydrate intake. 

Grocery Shopping for People with Diabetes – A healthy and balanced diet starts with the choices you make at the grocery store. How can you identify which products are suitable for a person living with diabetes? To help you pick the right items while grocery shopping, pay attention to the nutritional claims, the ingredients list and the Nutrition Facts table.