Glucagon nasal powder now available in Canada!

BAQSIMI™ glucagon nasal powder is now available in some pharmacies in Canada !

Unlike the glucagon injections, BAQSIMI™ is ready to use. It offers an easier way to treat a severe hypoglycemia in people living with diabetes treated with insulin. A severe hypoglycemia occurs when those people cannot treat themselves.

BAQSIMI™ is indicated in adults and children of at least 4 years old treated with insulin. The dose does not need to be inhaled so it is effective even if a person has a cold.

A dose of 3 mg costs about 130 $ and is not covered by Quebec’s basic prescription drug insurance plan for now.

People living with diabetes treated with insulin can get BAQSIMI™ with or without a prescription.

Consult the product’s monograph here !

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