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All about diabetes

What is diabetes ?(https://www.diabete.qc.ca/fr/comprendre-le-diabete/tout-sur-le-diabete/types-de-diabete/quest-ce-que-le-diabete/)

What are the different types of diabetes? (https://www.diabete.qc.ca/fr/comprendre-le-diabete/tout-sur-le-diabete/types-de-diabete/)

What are the symptoms ? (https://www.diabete.qc.ca/fr/comprendre-le-diabete/tout-sur-le-diabete/symptomes/)

Are there any complications? (https://www.diabete.qc.ca/fr/comprendre-le-diabete/tout-sur-le-diabete/complications/)

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Diet is the cornerstone of treatment for diabetes. Adopting new habits can be a challenge for some people. To find out more: https://www.diabete.qc.ca/fr/vivre-avec-le-diabete/alimentation/

Tips and Tricks for :


Physical activity is recommended for all person living with diabetes, unless otherwise specified. To know more: https://www.diabete.qc.ca/fr/vivre-avec-le-diabete/activite-physique/

Tips and tricks for:

In collaboration with a kinesiologist, Diabetes Quebec has developed two physical activity programs designed for sedentary people who wish to rediscover the pleasure of movement.

Fit at home 1
To watch the video (https://www.diabete.qc.ca/fr/comprendre-le-diabete/tout-sur-le-diabete/videos/diabete-quebec-en-forme-chez-soi-exercices-pour-diabetiques)

To consult the leaflet with the exercise routine (https://www.diabete.qc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/89536-DQC20-Depliant-4vol-EnFormeCS1-FR-Web.pdf)

Fit at home 2

To watch the videohttps://www.diabete.qc.ca/fr/comprendre-le-diabete/tout-sur-le-diabete/videos/en-forme-chez-soi-2

To consult the leaflet with the exercise routine (https://www.diabete.qc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/89536-DQC20-Depliant-4vol-EnFormeCS2-FR-Web.pdf)


In collaboration with his medical team, a person who living with diabetes must learn to manage the disease and know the necessary treatment and care. To find out more:https://www.diabete.qc.ca/fr/vivre-avec-le-diabete/soins-et-traitements/

Tips and Tricks for :


Being diagnosed with diabetes and learning to live with it this chronic disease requires adaptation, both for people affected than those in the surrounding area. To find out more: https://www.diabete.qc.ca/fr/vivre-avec-le-diabete/psychologie/

Tips and Tricks for :


You can learn to live with diabetes. The active participation of the person living with diabetes is essential to the management of this chronic disease. Universi-D offers a variety of educational activities to help you live with diabetes. To find out more: https://www.universi-d.com/