Make a donation to support Diabetes Québec in its fight againt diabetes. A tax recept will be automatically issued for any donation of 10$ or more.

Unique donation

Make a donation to encourage Diabetes Québec in achieving its mission.

In Memoriam

Make a donation to express your sympathy to the bereaved family while supporting a good cause.

We will send a sympathy card to the family in your name or fax it to the Funeral Home, if you request.

Monthly donation (Hope creators)

This program offers you the opportunity to become a hope creator for all people living with diabetes in Quebec.

Choose the amount that will be deducted each month from your financial institution account or credit card. At the end of the year, you will receive a charitable donation receipt for the total amount of your contributions. This saves you time and money, while allowing us to reduce our administrative costs. At any time, you can cancel or modify this agreement by simply contacting Diabetes Québec. A minimum of $5 per month is required.

Click on the button below to register for the program or contact us by phone: 514 259-3422, extension 227.

In Honoriam

Make a donation in honor of a loved one, an anniversary, a birthday, a graduation or to wish a good recovery or for a special occasion.

At a wedding, to thank guests and friends and send a donation in their name or to mark this unforgettable occasion.

We will send a letter to the honoree.

Major or planned donations

Did you know that you can plan your charitable donations to Diabetes Québec to gain maximum tax benefits for you and your loved ones?

Planned giving is an integral part of financial, tax and estate planning. It is not only a gesture of generosity; it is also a tax-effective way to help Diabetes Québec pursue its mission for the future generations living with diabetes. Regardless of the size of your assets, planned giving should be given serious consideration.

While direct and spontaneous donations are essential to helping Diabetes Québec meet its current needs and those of the clientele it serves, major and planned donations let us plan our mission and our actions for the long term.

Choosing to make a major or planned donation means taking action now that will bear fruit tomorrow.

For information on how to make a major or planned donation to Diabetes Québec, please contact Sylvie Lauzon, President and CEO of Diabetes Québec, at (514) 259-3422 ext. 226, or by email at [email protected].

There are many ways to make a major or planned donation to our organization (see details below). Note: it is essential to get advice from a professional, such as a notary, financial advisor, tax specialist, estate specialist, etc.

A bequest or testamentary gift is a gift specified in a will.  It is revocable and takes effect upon the death of the donor.  After planning the gifts to your loved ones, making a bequest to Diabetes Québec demonstrates your enduring connection to our organization and its noble mission. Your gift is a testament to your generosity, which will reach beyond your death.

There are four types of bequests:

  1. Specific bequest
  2. Residuary bequest
  3. Universal bequest
  4. Contingent bequest

Here are some examples of clauses in a will to illustrate the types of bequests. These examples are for information purposes only. We strongly recommend that you consult a professional, such as notary, financial advisor, tax specialist or lawyer, to structure your gift in a way that’s most advantageous for you.

Specific bequest:

I bequeath $25,000 to Diabetes Québec.

I bequeath to Diabetes Québec 50% of my portfolio of publicly traded securities.

Residual bequest:

I bequeath to my only son my property, my vehicle and $300,000.  I bequeath the residue of my estate to Diabetes Québec.

I bequeath $500,000 to my three sisters and brother in equal parts, and I bequeath the residue of my estate in equal parts to Diabetes Québec and the XYZ Foundation.

Universal bequest:

I bequeath 15% of my estate to Diabetes Québec.

I bequeath all of my assets to Diabetes Québec and my goddaughter Y in a proportion of 1∕3 and 2∕3 respectively.

Contingent bequest:

I bequeath all of my assets to my wife.  If she dies before me or within 30 days of my death, I name Diabetes Québec as a substitute, as my universal legatee.

A charitable gift annuity is only available to donors 60 to 90 years of age. In addition, the minimum amount required to set up a charitable gift annuity is $20,000.

A charitable gift annuity lets you to make a substantial donation to Diabetes Québec, which undertakes to pay you a guaranteed income on a periodic basis until your death.   The annuity income you receive is based on the total amount of the capital, the life expectancy of the beneficiary(ies) and the interest rate in effect at the time the annuity was set up.

When the annuity is set up, a donation tax receipt (for a minimum of 20% of the capital) is issued in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency rules. Upon your death, any residual capital is paid out to Diabetes Québec.

If you wish to make a substantial donation to Diabetes Québec, life insurance is an excellent choice. Here are some ways to do it:

a) Buy a new life insurance policy

Buy a life insurance policy in the name of Diabetes Québec.  The organization becomes the owner and beneficiary of the policy, while you pay the premiums.  You benefit from an annual donation tax receipt for the amount of the premium paid each year.

b) Designate Diabetes Québec as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy you already own

When you designate Diabetes Québec as the irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy, at the time of your death, your estate will benefit from a donation tax receipt for the amount of the insured capital.

c) Donate an existing life insurance policy

If your circumstances have changed and you no longer need your life insurance policy, you can use the policy to make a significant donation to Diabetes Québec.  With your consent, Diabetes Québec may cash in this policy during your lifetime and make use of the proceeds. You benefit from a donation receipt for the market value of the policy when you transfer it to Diabetes Québec. And, while you are paying the premiums on the policy you’ve transferred, you will also get an annual tax receipt for the premium amount paid each year.

Donating publicly traded securities (stocks, mutual funds, bonds or other securities listed on a Canadian, U.S. or international stock exchange) lets you give to Diabetes Québec at little cost.

However, you must be sure to transfer the securities, not sell them, so that Diabetes Québec can receive the proceeds.  By transferring securities directly to Diabetes Québec, any eventual capital gains will not be taxed in your hands, which will reduce the cost of your donation.

The amount of the donation that will appear on your official charitable donation receipt will be the market value of the securities at the close of the business day on the date on which your publicly traded securities were transferred.