Holiday Camps for Children with Diabetes

These camps help children learn independence, while giving parents a short break.

Holiday camps for children with diabetes let them have fun and develop skills in a fun and safe environment.

In these camps, diabetes is the norm, and activities are organized around care and treatment. Children realize that they are not the only ones dealing with diabetes, and the camp helps them accept their disease.

These camps also teach them the joys of being active and give them the necessary motivation to live with their disease. Camp counsellors, who are often diabetic too, set an example, while their fellow campers share their experiences, fears and tricks for controlling their diabetes better.

What about a regular holiday camp?

It’s a question of judgement. Your decision should be based on your child’s level of independence, the changes the camp imposes on your child’s daily schedule, and the services offered there.


Here are three holiday camps for diabetic children:

Research and text: Diabetes Québec Team of Health Care Professionals

Last update: July 2018

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